Henry Gordon, 1832-1934

One of the saddles in our farm and ranch exhibit belonged to Henry Gordon.

Born in Missouri in 1832 Henry lived in Oklahoma and then Texas. It was in Texas that he met the O’Neal and Keith families. He came to New Mexico with them in about 1874. Later they homesteaded on the Pine River and in 1886 came to settle in Archuleta County. You can see the headstones for the Keith and O’Neals in the Pagosa Springs Cemetery section on this website.

This saddle, which belonged to cowboy Henry Gordon, is just one of several in the farm and ranch display.


Henry Gordon homesteaded north of Pagosa Springs and Gordon Creek is named for him.

This cowboy died in 1934 at Pagosa Springs. He was 101 years old.

We are fortunate to have this saddle and photo of Henry Gordon in our collection.